The 5 Point Plan


I've found over many years that this is a great way both in your business and your personal life to solve any problem or at least improve it substantially.

FIRST. Clearly define what the problem is, then write it down.

SECOND. Write down every possible thing you think of to solve or improve the situation. Write quickly and don't try to prejudge or rate the possible solution.

When you have exhausted all possible solutions then go to step 3.

THIRD. Select, then write down the five best solutions in order of how effective they will be.

FOUR. Start on implementing Solution one immediately (Today) Focus and work quickly with enthusiasm knowing this will help you solve your problem.

FIVE. When you have completely finished implementing Solution one then move quickly to implement Solutions two to five and in nearly every case you will have solved the problem.

This is the best problem solver I know as thinking clearly like this and taking action immediately puts a pin in and deflates the “balloon” of worry.