Create 50 Hours a Month


Would you like an extra 50 hours a month to pursue your goals?

Well if you are passionate enough about your goals this extra time is easy to create.


Get out of bed each day 2 hours earlier than you do now!

If you arise now at 7.00am then make it 5.00am. At this time of the morning everything is quiet and you can focus on the day ahead and prepare so you will achieve your goals for the day.

I know I personally can achieve twice as much in the hours between 5.00am and 7.00am that I can do after that time.

Build a 5.00am start time into your day and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish in those extra 50 hours each month.


We can all catch up on that lost sleep when we are dead.

Life is so short and we need to pack as much as we can into every day to fully live!