Fill Your Diary With Buyer Appointments

How to fill your Diary with buyer appointments

1. Set a goal of how many appointments you want each day. Eg. 4,5,6, or more.

2.  Set time aside every day to prospect for appointments eg. 1-2 hours every day.

3. Get excited about your listing stock.

4. Call your buyers and be enthusiastic. Give a strong reason why they should meet with you. Eg. The features and benefits of the property to them.

5.  Don't ask. Assume the appointment. Use the alternate choice close. Eg. I have some time tomorrow at 11.00am or 5.00p.m. Which would suit you best?

6.  Expand your range of properties to show the buyer. Be creative for their needs. They often will buy something different to what they initially told you.

7.  Expand the price range of properties to show your buyers. If you show them the property they fall in love with they are nearly always able to find some more money from somewhere.