The Total Domination Lead Generation System

70 pages packed with brilliant ideas that will guarantee a huge increase in monthly listings when fully implemented. This Manual is available free to all principals and sales staff and will be provided when I spend our training day together in your office. This Manual is not for sale.
For quite some time now I have realized the real need for our Industry to have a complete manual that addresses all of the issues of obtaining listings in a Real Estate Office.—“A Complete Lead Generation System”
I searched around and couldn’t find one so I decided to sit down and write one myself from my experience and perspective, so over the last 6 months I have been working on this and am now sending a complimentary copy of the finished manual to all of my clients all over Australia and New Zealand.

How many offices turn their prospecting on and off like a tap depending on the state of their listing stock.

I firmly believe that a Real Estate Office is made up of three separate businesses, not two as most Principals believe and they are:-

(1) A Lead Generation Business

(2) A Sales Business

(3) A Property Management Business

And the most important of these is "The Lead Generation Business" because without this you wouldn't have the other two.

Until we make the mind shift that these are three separate businesses and should be operated as such, we will never reach our potential as a complete Real Estate Office.

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